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Choose your own path to succeed. Study on campus or online and finish your high school in 2-3 years, 100% Accredited.

In planning a course of study, consult with your advisors, speak with current teachers for placement recommendations, review the course of study guide for updated requirements, and complete your four-year academic planning guide. Rising seniors should also consult with their college counsellors. 

  • Balance your experience with a well-rounded approach

  • Strengthen your weaker areas, and develop your more confident ones 

  • Provide growth and exploration opportunities as well as opportunities to take risks. 

Your yearly course choices must match the learning path you are on, based on your four-year plan. 

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Graduation Requirements in FCA:

  1. Academic Credits: 21 (1 year-long course = 1 credit)

  2. Students need also fulfil departmental requirements:

    1. English: 4 credits

    2. Mathematics: 3 credits

    3. Science: 3 credits of lab sciences, including Biology

    4. History & Social Science: 2 credits, including US History and Civics

    5. Modern & Classical Language: 2 credits, through Level 3 of a language.     

    6. Arts: 2 credits in any combination of Music or Visual Arts

    7. Elective Courses: 5 credits in any combination of courses from any department, excluding required courses

  3. Community Service: 40 hours, prior to beginning the Senior Internship

  4. Senior Internship Project: Successful Completion

  5. Athletics/Co-Curricular: 4 years, 2 years per season.

FCA strongly recommends the following course of studies:

4 years of English

4 years of Mathematics

4 years of a Modern or Classical language

3-4 years of Science

3-4 years of History & Social Science

  1. years of Music

1-2 years of Visual Arts

Course Load

The required minimum for each semester’s work is five 5 academic courses. Students are strongly encouraged to take 6 academic courses each semester through junior year. FCA strongly recommends that students not take more than 6 academic classes so that they have an open block in their schedule for doing school work, pursuing extra help, or for taking advantages of other opportunities on campus.

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