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Fresno California Online Academy is proud to open admissions for the next school year. Read below for information on the enrollment process, cost and subsidies, and academic requirements. Feel free to get in touch to learn more.


Fresno California Academy’s online program is designed for everyone that wish to have a timetable flexibility from home or anywhere, while maintaining a flexible schedule. Our personalized lesson plans allow students to learn more effective and choose their style with our tutors help.


FCA is proud to present a various College Preparatory courses that permits students to meet academic requirements for graduation and at the same time have AP or Honor Science and Math University Advance subjects to meet the pre- requirement of any University. Fresno Academy offers online and text-based subjects that are reinforced by a dedicated teaching staff that works thoroughly with each student to make sure the material is understood and comprehensive for the learning methods.


Fresno Academy attempts to make sure each student obtains a higher GPA and SAT/ACT score to apply to the top 70 US universities and be able to meet the highest standards of excellence, and we are proud to be Registered with the California Department of Education and guarantees each pupil obtains reciprocity of credits, subjects and grade-level placements, while FCA high school DIPLOMA, transcripts receive recognition from colleges and universities in the US, Canada and worldwide. Furthermore, FCA also offers courses approved by the NCAA and the University of California a-g.

Professor & Students
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