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open to grade 9

Blurred people mingling


This course provides an introduction to the Spanish language through the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Students are taught basic vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and an essential foundation of grammar structures.  Additionally, students learn about the contemporary Spanish speaking world and its culture.
Prerequisite:  Placement will be at the discretion of the department.

Blurred people mingling


This course builds on the elements learned in Spanish 1, developing the student's ability to discuss present, past and future events with emphasis on vocabulary development through written and oral communication.  Classes will integrate conversation, listening, reading and writing.  Students will be presented with real-life scenarios throughout the year and culture will be integrated in the classroom for full immersion.  The honors level will work at a quicker pace and have more advanced readings and writing. Prerequisites:  One year of MEIHUA ACADEMY Spanish or a minimum of two years at the Middle School level along with the recommendation of the department.

Reaching a Deal


In this level, topics from Spanish 2 are reinforced and a broad range of new grammar topics are explored including commands, the perfect tenses, an introduction to the subjunctive mood, and more.  Students gain new perspectives on the Spanish language through films, music, and literature.  Projects include the creation of a student newspaper, movie-making based on various film genres, cooking, and a variety of oral presentations.   Prerequisite: Spanish 2 / Spanish 2H.

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